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What’s She Holding Back?
Copyright © 2018 Helen Starbuck All rights reserved
Death is as casual—and often as unexpected—as birth. Jim Bishop
Frost watched her get into the elevator with her lawyer and leave. There was something there, he wasn’t sure what, but after being a homicide detective for fifteen years he could feel it. He often felt that buzz about things, and more often than not he was right. Despite the buzz, he was sure that her friend’s death was a suicide and that she wasn’t responsible. She’d unfortunately found the friend and tried hard to keep her alive, but there was a lot she wasn’t saying. And there was something about her lawyer that had his buzz going as well. Something more there than just a professional relationship, he thought. He hadn’t missed the concern in the young lawyer’s face or the under the table hand squeezes; he felt sure he’d seen the guy before; he just couldn’t place him at the moment. It’d come; the name or where he’d seen or met him would pop up ev…

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