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The Origins of The Mad Hatter’s Son, An Annie Collins Mystery Copyright © 2018 Helen Starbuck, All rights reserved
The Idea for The Mad Hatter’s Son came to me years ago when I worked in the OR. We sporadically cared for a teenage girl for things like inserting a gastrostomy tube to feed her and a central line for IV fluids (back in the days when they did that in the OR). Her neurological symptoms were very puzzling and had increased over time until she was comatose. The ICU docs and the anesthesiologists talked about it a lot and were puzzled as to what had caused them. She had no tumor, nothing physical that they could identify for quite some time.
If I tell you what they discovered, you’ll know the plot to the book, so no spoilers here. Needless to say the diagnosis, when it came, shocked us all. I thought at the time that it was a great plot for a novel and actually wrote several chapters, then life got in the way and I shelved it. I found it again in 2015 and still liked it so I beg…

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