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Hello Neighbor
By Helen Starbuck © 2017 all rights reserved
You’re kinda, sort of, basically, pretty much always on my mind—
She moved into the other side of the duplex he rented during the summer and he was intrigued. She wasn’t his usual type, although he had to admit, it was a rare woman who wasn’t. The women he was normally attracted to though had flash, were pretty overtly hot, and never lasted long. He was happy with that. The last thing he wanted or needed was a long-term girlfriend—just too complicated in his mind. His family, and a lot of the women he bedded, thought he ought to be married by now. He ran through a fair number of women on a regular basis and none of them lasted more than a couple of weeks. But Angel found himself thinking about his new neighbor at odd times; embarrassingly just the other night he had slipped and called the woman he was withAnnie. Needless to say the date was over rather quickly and without a booty call.  Her name was Annie C…

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